IFE Contributors

Cody Jared - Webmaster, content writer for team pages, maintenance of schedules, standings, box scores, scores
Bill Jones - Helmet logos on team pages and team cards on the Facebook page
Logan Weining - Helmet logos on team pages
Willie O'Burke - team cards on the Facebook page
Josh Stein - GLIFL and other statistics help
Paul Reeths - IPFL/PIFL box scores and information
Jim "BananaCat" Roberts - Indoor Football Forum has helped IFE grow!
Danny Massier - link, information, and helmet corrections
Larry Clark - AIF information
David Harwood - IFL 1999-2000 box scores

If you want to contribute by writing a more comprehensive team history for your favorite team(s)/league(s) or have anything else you'd like to contribute, send a message to the IFE Facebook and we will get in touch!