Everett Hawks

Years of Existence: 2006-2007, 2005 as the Everett Hawks(NIFL)
Venue: Everett Events Center (Everett, WA)
2007 -
Lifetime Record: 10-22
Home: 8-8
Away: 2-14
Playoffs: 0-0
Average Attendance: 2,275

The Everett Hawks came to the AF2 after a 16-0 regular season in the NIFL. The team would not have the same success in their first year in a new league. The team began at 0-7 and the owner, Sam Adams, had some financial troubles. The Hawks aquired coach Tony Wells and former Wilkes-Barre/Scranton offensive specialist J.R. Thomas in the second half of the year. The team got more competitive, losing a one point decision to top seeded Spokane, but it was already too late to turn the season around. Jason Campbell led the 2007 Hawks by passing for 84 touchdowns and just 14 interceptions. However, the Hawks went 6-10. The team was done no favors by the scheduling; the first four games of the year were on the road. The team managed only one road win at Bakersfield. After two unsuccessful seasons, the Hawks folded.