Iowa Barnstormers

Years of Existence: 2001, 2008-2009
Venue: Veterans Memorial Auditorium (Des Moines, IA)
2001 –
2008 -
2009 - Quarterfinal appearance
Lifetime Record: 28-22
Home: 17-9
Away: 11-13
Playoffs: 1-1
Average Attendance: 8,013

The Iowa Barnstormers were the first only AFL team to become an af2 team. After the Barnstormers moved to New York, another Iowa team was formed to bring arena football back to the fans in Iowa. However, following a 9-7 season, including winning their last five games in a row, the team folded despite decent attendance figures. Apparently it just wasn’t the same without the big Barnstormers. The Laredo Lobos franchise was purchased and moved to Iowa for 2008. The new Barnstormers inherited the old records from 2001. Joe Brannen led the team throughout the season, passing for 56 touchdowns and 21 interceptions, rushing for 14 more scores. Robert Killow and Errick McCown both caught over 1,000 yards and former Quad City receiver Tim Dodge caught 16 touchdowns and 947 yards. The team went 6-10, but was still alive for a playoff berth coming into the final week of the year. Attendance was extremely high, also. The Barnstormers of 2009 were led by af2 veteran Brian Villaneueva, who threw for 60 scores while rushing for 16 more. The team would defeat both Tulsa and Spokane during the regular season, and after overcoming a three game losing streak, would finish at 12-4. The defense was reponsible for 30 sacks on the regular season, while the Barnstormers produced two 1,000 yard receivers in Walter McCown and the well known former Steamwheeler Tim Dodge. The team used a 42-20 second half rally to beat back the upset minded Manchester Wolves in the first round of the playoffs in front of 8,072 fans. In front of 1,000 more than the previous week, the Barnstormers would go back and forth with the Green Bay Blizzard. The first meeting in Iowa was a 71-65 overtime win for Green Bay, and the second time would be a 51-46 victory for the Blizzard, a team that historically is known to pique around playoff time. Following the 2009 season, the Barnstormers joined the new AF1.