Lubbock Renegades

Years of Existence: 2007-2008
Venue: City Bank Coliseum (Lubbock, TX)
2007 -
2008 - Playoff appearance
Lifetime Record: 16-17
Home: 9-7
Away: 7-10
Playoffs: 0-1
Average Attendance: 3,012

The Lubbock Renegades were the best of the Texas expansion teams in 2007. Quarterback Robert Kent played thirteen games, passing for 81 touchdowns. The team was up and down all year, losing several close games. In the final regular season game, Lubbock traveled to Oklahoma City and came away with a 76-69 victory. However, the Renegades lost a four-way tiebreaker and the team was kept out of the playoffs. The Renegades were the biggest story in af2 in the first half of the 2008 season. The Renegades were 7-2 with a win against Arkansas. Fans figured quarterback Robert Kent could be the league MVP. However, despite his impressive statistics, the team got blasted in its last seven games, winning just two of them. A 9-7 record was good enough for the sixth playoff seed and a game at Bossier-Shreveport. With the score 56-55 Battlewings with five seconds gone in the fourth quarter, the Battlewings took over. The defense forced two Lubbock fumbles and then held the Renegades on downs. The final score had Bossier-Shreveport winning 77-61. The Renegades folded after the season.