Manchester/Mohegan Wolves

Years of Existence: 2004-2009
Venues: Verizon Arena (Manchester, NH) Mohegan Sun Arena (Uncasville, CT)
2002 -
2003 - Quarterfinal appearance
2005 Northeast Division champions, quarterfinal appearance
2006 - Quarterfinal appearance
2007 - Playoff appearance
2008 - Semifinal appearance
2009 - Playoff appearance
Lifetime Record: 69-69
Home: 37-30
Away: 32-39
Playoffs: 4-6
Average Attendance: 6,127

The Mohegan Wolves joined the AF2 in 2002 and went 3-13 in their inaugural season. They showed promise early in the year, but would lose their last eight games in a row. 2003 was a complete turn around, as the team went 10-6 and beat the Cape Fear Wildcats to advance to the quarterfinals. They would lose to the Tennessee Valley Vipers. Following the 2003 season, the franchise moved to Manchester, New Hampshire. The Manchester Wolves moved from Uncasville, CT following the 2003 season. The 2004 season was unkind to the Wolves, as they began 4-4, but won only one of their last 8 games to finish at 5-11. In 2005, the team experienced a lot of success, finishing at 12-4 in the regular season and earning a first-round bye in the playoffs. The regular season included a ten-game winning streak. However, the Wolves' season would come to a screeching halt, as the Louisville Fire defeated Manchester for the second time, 69-56. The Wolves began the next season at 2-4 and went 5-7 with their first quarterback, D. Bryant. However, a switch to former Ohio State standout Steve Bellasari resulted in a five game winning streak, including a 55-47 playoff win against the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Pioneers. Bellasari suffered his first loss in the next round, when the Wolves traveled to Florida. Florida won the game, 40-39 and Manchester had two drives stall inside the Firecat two yard line. In 2007, the Wolves were very mediocre for most of the year. Ben Bennet's team was eventually able to win ten games, including five in a row to end the regular season. However, only three of those wins were against teams with winning records. The Wolves were the first team to beat the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Pioneers in the regular season. The Wolves hosted Central Valley in the postseason. A last second field goal in a wild game was good for Central Valley, and the Coyotes upset the Wolves, 42-41. Former Memphis Xplorer and Arena Cup champion quarterback Brian Jones led the Wolves into the 2008 season, but was injured in just his third game. After a 1-6 start, James Pinkney maintained the starting job for the rest of the regular season. The team won eight of their last nine games, including a wild 46-45 victory in the regular season finale against Corpus Christi, which got Manchester into the postseason at 9-7. The Wolves opened the playoffs on the road at South Georgia, and with under a minute to go in the game, forced a fumble and scored on a Pinkney sneak to win 46-42. Brian Jones returned for the second round game at Green Bay. Emery Sammons caught a 17 yard touchdown pass with :01 left and Brian Jones ran the ball in on a two-point conversion attempt to upset the Blizzard 55-54. The Wolves advanced to the American Conference championship game at Tennessee Valley. Alonzo Nix scored three quick touchdowns and the Vipers took a 28-7 lead on the Wolves and never looked back. The Wolves rallied, but were defeated, 45-35. James Pinkney and coach Dan Barto led the Wolves into 2009. A 3-1 start to the year gave way to a 7-9 season in which Pinkney was replaced by Mike Potts midseason. Despite combining for 79 touchdown passes to just 19 picks and having stars like Steven Savoy and Emery Samons, the Wolves would lose to a struggling Quad City squad, Albany, and even Mahoning Valley. Potts was injured in the regular season finale against Wilkes-Barre/Scranton. He was replaced by arena football veteran Brian Jones. Manchester was originally supposed to play the Pioneers again in the postseason, but because of Florida's exclusion from the postseason, Manchester would take on Iowa. The Wolves built a 47-42 third quarter lead, but two turnovers on downs and a late fumble would lead to a 70-53 win for the Barnstormers. After the 2009 season, the Wolves ceased operations.