Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz

Years of Existence: 2004-2009
Venues: Ford Center, Cox Convention Center (Oklahoma City, OK)
2004 Playoff appearance
2005 Playoff appearance
2006 - Playoff appearance
2007 - Playoff appearance
2008 -
2009 - Playoff appearance
Lifetime Record: 51-50
Home: 34-17
Away: 17-33
Playoffs: 0-5
Average Attendance: 7,307

The Oklahoma Yard Dawgz have taken a different path than many beginning teams. In their first season, the team finished 10-6 and advanced to the postseason. A rocky 3-3 end to the regular season would set them up for a loss to a top notch Peoria Pirate team in the first round. However, as only some of the best teams can do, the Dawgz improved in 2005. With a 10-6 regular season finish, the Dawgz were expected to do some damage in the playoffs. However, they were defeated in the first round by the expansion Amarillo Dusters, a teram that was written off at the beginning of the season. The Dawgz lost, 59-56. 2006 marked another succesful regular season for the Dawgz. The team lost just one home game, while dominating just about every other opponent at the Ford Center. However, for the third straight year, the Yard Dawgz would be forced to play their playoff games at the Cox Convention Center. And for the third straight year, the team lost at this venue. After pounding Arkansas, 64-25 on July 15, Arkansas came out of the Cox Center with a 47-43 victory. The 2007 Yard Dawgz started off with a 6-3 record before dropping six of their last seven. Five of the wins came against teams with well under .500 records. The Dawgz were one of two teams that got into the playoffs as part of a four way tiebreaker. They would travel to Tulsa and lose to the Talons for the third time that year, 65-27. The Yard Dawgz were led for most of 2008 by quarterback Evan Grey, who passed for 47 touchdowns and 20 picks. Wide receiver Al Hunt caught over 1,300 yards and 26 touchdowns. The team finished at 6-10, winning four of their final six games. These wins included two upset victories over Tulsa and Amarillo that could have cost Tulsa their seventh consecutive division title and Amarillo a playoff berth. Quarterback Robert Kent led the Yard Dawgz into their sixth season and four consecutive wins to open the year. However, things turned south after a 74-73 loss in Rio Grande Valley with just ten seconds left in the game. Kent accounted for 82 total touchdowns, while AFL veteran Al Hunt led the team in receiving, accumulating 1,398 yards and 38 touchdowns. After the heartbreaking loss, the Dawgz went downhill, losing their next five and finishing the year at 7-9. The defense gave up 53 points per game and opponents returned six kickoffs for scores on the year, while the Dawgz had none. The team earned the seventh seed in the National Conference postseason and would make the short road trip to Tulsa, where they would score eleven touchdowns. However, it wasn't enough. The Talons' average starting field position on the night was the midfield stripe, and the Talons would score thirteen times to take a 90-75 victory. Following the 2009 season, the Yard Dawgz joined the new AF1.