San Diego Riptide

Years of Existence: 2002-2005
Venue: San Diego Sports Arena (San Diego, CA)
2002 Quarterfinal appearance
Lifetime Record: 27-39
Home: 13-19
Away: 14-20
Playoffs: 1-1
Average Attendance: 5,099

The San Diego Riptide has been a very disappointing franchise in the AF2. In 2002, the team finished 7-9 and qualified for the playoffs. Despite their record, they actually won a playoff game, against the Bakersfield Blitz and even managed to give the 2002 Champion Peoria Pirates a run for their money, losing 22-12. Though they showed promise, the team has since failed to even have a winning season, let alone the postseason. Attendance dropped well below average in 2005 as the team again failed to post a winning record. The Riptide suspended operations for the 2006 season.