Anaheim Piranhas

Years of Existence: 1996-1997
Venue: Arrowhead Pond (Anaheim, CA)
1996 Playoff appearance
1997 -
Lifetime Record: 11-18
Home: 7-7
Away: 4-11
Playoffs: 0-1
Average Attendance: 11,158

The Anaheim Piranhas moved from Las Vegas following the '95 season. Unofrtunately, the change of scenery didn't do much for the team. The Piranhas were almost the biggest surprise in the AFL, winning their first seven games. Their five losses all came by six points or less, one in overtime at Orlando. The team qualified for the postseason and had to play at Tampa Bay. The Piranhas lost, 30-16. In 1997, the Piranhas became a surprise for quite the opposite reason: they lost twelve of their fourteen games, seven of them blowouts.