Carolina Cobras

Years of Existence: 2000-2004
Venues: Raleigh Entertainment & Sports Arena (Raleigh, NC)
2000 –
2001 – Playoff appearance
2002 – Semifinal appearance
2003 –
2004 –
Lifetime Record: 23-54
Home: 11-26
Away: 12-28
Playoffs: 1-2
Average Attendance: 9,499

The Carolina Cobras began as many expansion teams do, by losing a lot of games. In 2000, the team won three games against Los Angeles, Houston, and New Jersey. In 2001, the team finished at .500 and qualified for the postseason. They would lose at Indians, 58-41. The 2001 season consisted of two overtime losses and five road losses for the Cobras. A 4-2 start was marred by a five-game losing streak in the 2002 season. Nevertheless, a 6-8 record was good enough to make the playoffs. The Cobras surprised the Grand Rapids Rampage in Michigan, 72-64, but wouldn’t overcome the Rattlers and lost by two. The Cobras had lost to Arizona earlier in the season, in overtime. The Cobras went belly up in 2003, losing all sixteen games. Only four of the losses were even close, one in overtime. The ship stayed sunk altogether in 2004, as the team only won six games. The team folded following the 2004 season.