Charlotte Rage

Years of Existence: 1992-1996
Venues: Charlotte Coliseum (Charlotte, NC) Independence Arena (Charlotte, NC)
1992 –
1993 – Playoff appearance
1994 – Playoff appearance
1995 –
1996 – Lifetime Record: 24-38
Home: 12-18
Away: 12-20
Playoffs: 0-2
Average Attendance: 8,900

The Charlotte Rage lasted five seasons, but were unable to accomplish much in the league. Their first season, like many expansion teams, was dismal at best. The team finished 3-7. One of those wins was a 51-3 drubbing of Sacramento. The other two came against New Orleans. 1993 was an improvement to medicority. A 6-6 record with 3 wins at home and on the road. The team qualified for the playoffs, but lost in the first round to Arizona, 56-49. The Rage gave it another shot in 1994, but went 5-7 this time. Like the previous season, many of the losses were not even close. The team managed to get a playoff spot, but had to play at Arizona once again. This time they were blown out, 52-24. The greatest moment for the Charlotte Rage was their 5-2 record in the 1995 season. However, the team dropped their last five games to San Jose, Albany, St. Louis, and Las Vegas. The team missed the postseason. The team’s final season ended with a 5-9 record. Attendance dropped to record lows for the franchise and the team folded.