Cincinnati Rockers

Years of Existence: 1992-1993
Venue: US Bank Arena (Cincinnati, OH)
1992 Playoff appearance
1993 -
Lifetime Record: 9-14
Home: 5-6
Away: 4-8
Playoffs: 0-1
Average Attendance: 10,164

The Cincinnati Rockers ended their first season at 7-3, winning six out of their last seven. They lost their only playoff game in franchise history to the Tampa Bay Storm, 41-36. Their final season would end at 2-10, with two separate five game losing streaks. Their only wins came at Cleveland and at home to Dallas. Attendance dropped like a lead balloon and the Rockers were gone after just two seasons. Cincinnati would get an AF2 team in 2003, but after ten years, arena ball would fail once again.