Dallas Texans

Years of Existence: 1990-1993
Venue: Reunion Arena (Dallas, TX)
1990 Arena Bowl appearance
1991 -
1992 - Western Division champions, Arena Bowl appearance
1993 - Playoff appearance
Lifetime Record: 20-25
Home: 12-9
Away: 8-16
Playoffs: 2-3
Average Attendance: 8,562

The Dallas Texans went 6-2 in their first regular season and eventually played for the championship. However, they would be one of the many victims of the Detroit Drive dynasty, losing in the Motor City, 51-27. The Texans would not return to the postseason in 1991, with only four wins, one of them in OT. In 1992, the Texans returned to the championship game, but were again defeated by the Drive, this time a 54-17 beating. This season was an incredible surprise because the Texans won their division with a 5-5 record. In 1993, the team secured a record by being the first team to qualify for the postseason with just three wins. Their first playoff game happened to be in Detroit. The result was the same, a 51-6 drubbing this time. The Texans folded after the 1993 season. Arena football returned to Dallas in 2002, with the Desperados.