Houston ThunderBears

Years of Existence: 1998-2001
Venue: Compaq Center (Houston, TX)
1998 Playoff appearance
1999 -
2000 -
2001 -
Lifetime Record: 18-39
Home: 9-12
Away: 8-22
Neutral: 1-5
Playoffs: 0-1
Average Attendance: 3,773

The Houston ThunderBears, formerly the Texas Terror, followed in the footsteps of the old Terror name, and were very unsuccessful, both in winning and attendance. Their first year would be their best, as they won six of their last eight to finish at 8-6 and qualify for the postseason. Their only playoff game would be a loss at Arizona, 50-36. In 1999, the team went 4-10. The wins came over Milwaukee, San Jose, and New Jersey. The team did even worse in 2000, winning only three games over Milwaukee, Los Angeles, and Grand Rapids. In 2001, the team lost their arena deal and played six neutral site games, losing five of them. The franchise finally folded after 2001.