Los Angeles Avengers

Years of Existence: 2000-2008
Venues: STAPLES Center (Los Angeles, CA)
2000 -
2001 -
2002 - Playoff appearance
2003 - Quarterfinal appearance
2004 - Playoff appearance
2005 - Playoff appearance
2006 -
2007 - Quarterfinal appearance
2008 -
Lifetime Record: 66-78
Home: 38-35
Away: 27-43
Playoffs: 1-5
Average Attendance: 11,908

The Los Angeles Avengers have been a mediocre franchise at best. The team opened their first season with seven consecutive losses by an average of 24 points. This included a 53 point loss to San Jose. The team finished 3-11. 2001 was not much better. The team, at one point, won five out of six games and would've had a six game winning streak, if not for a 49-48 overtime defeat at Detroit. However, the nine losses were by an average of 19 points, which meant the team was still not competitive enough. In 2002, the team finished 8-6, finally locking up a playoff berth. The average margin of loss was down to 12 points per game, so the Avengers were more competitive, at least. The franchise�s first-ever playoff game would be played at home, against Tampa Bay. The Avengers lost by 25. This would be the first of four consecutive one-and-done playoff seasons for the Avengers. Despite an 11-5 regular season, the Avengers would not win their division. After earning a first-round bye, the Avengers lost to the Arizona Rattlers, 70-63. Arizona ended the Avengers� Championship hopes again the following year, this time winning by 17. In 2005, the Chicago Rush knocked the Avengers out of their first-round game, 52-45. The team went back to their old ways in 2006, missing the playoffs with a 5-11 record. The wins were sandwiched between a five game and six game losing streaks. The 2007 season was an up and down affair; the best win streak the team mustered was three in a row during June. The Avengers lost both regular season games to Utah, but would meet the Blaze for the second time in eight days for a playoff game. Seven consecutive defensive stops lifted the Avengers to a 47-37 victory. After splitting the regular season series with Chicago, the tables were turned on Los Angeles. The Rush pitched a second half shutout and set a defensive playoff record, allowing just twenty points to the Avengers. The Avengers in 2008 finished at 5-11, just one game out of the playoffs. The team only mustered one road victory at Arizona. Only three of the eleven losses came by ten points or less. Los Angeles gave up over 1,000 points on the season, but their attendance average did go up by just over 200. The team folded during 2009, citing an unclear business model proposal for the AFL's 2010 season.