Toronto Phantoms

Years of Existence: 2001-2002
Venue: Air Canada Centre (Toronto, ON)
2001 Semifinal appearance
2002 - Lifetime Record: 14-16
Home: 7-8
Away: 7-8
Playoffs: 1-1
Average Attendance: 6,976

The Toronto Phantoms probably came along too soon in the lifetime of indoor and arena football. The Phantoms didn't seem to catch on in Ontario, but they survived for two years, anyway. In 2001, the Phantoms won their last five games to finish at 8-6 and qualify for the postseason. They beat New York for the third time to advance to the semifinals. The Phantoms played in front of the largest crowd (over 13,000) they had ever seen and lost to the Kats, 45-38. In 2002, the Phantoms were 5-9, but would've made the playoffs if not for two overtime losses in a row to end the season.