Canton Legends

Years of Existence: 2005-
Venue: Canton Civic Center (Canton, OH)
2005 - Playoff appearance
2006 - AIFL Champions
2007 - Semifinal appearance
2008 -
Lifetime Record: 30-27
Home: 20-8
Away: 10-19
Playoffs: 4-2
Average Attendance: 1,625

The Canton Legends won only three games in their first season. However, they set an AIFL record for points scored in a game, via a 95-47 win over the Ghostriders. In the playoffs, the Legends lost to the Raliegh Rebels, who also finished the regular season at 3-7. The following year, the Legends got off to a 5-4 start before aquiring a former AFL quarterback in Kevin Mason. The Legends won their final five games of the regular season. After beating the Freeze, Canton traveled to Reading and avenged a 56-18 loss with a 44-24 victory. The team then traveled to Rome to win the American Bowl, 61-40. The Legends returned in 2007 with a repeat on their mind. The team's only regular season losses came against Reading and Pittsburgh. Many of the home games were blowout wins. The Legends played Huntington in the final week of the regular season. The winner of that game would host a rematch of the two teams. On the final play of regulation, Huntington's field goal attempt was blocked and it went through the enzone for a Canton safety. The Heroes front office offered financial incentives and rewards if the Legends would let Huntington host the rematch, but Canton declined and defeated the Heroes for a second straight week. The Legends advanced to play in Reading, in a North Division title rematch from 2006. This time, however, the Express defeated Canton 66-51 to advance to the first neutral site American Bowl in Florence. The Legends changed ownership in 2008 and had a very troubled offseason. The team didn't win until their tenth game. The team averaged just 35 points per game, while giving up 46. The team won three of their last five games to end the season on a high note. The team ceased operations a month before the 2009 season began.