Cape Fear Heroes

Years of Existence: 2012-
Venue: Crown Coliseum (Fayetteville, NC)
2012 - AIF Champions
2013 - Championship game appearance
2014 - Championship game appearance
Lifetime Record: 21-4
Home: 15-3
Away: 6-1
Playoffs: 2-2
Average Attendance: 1,625

The Cape Fear Heroes were an expansion team for the AIF's 2012 season. The team went undefeated, playing just one road game in Macon, before that team folded. The team was rarely challenged, and blew past the only other legitimate league team in Harrisburg, 57-32. The team advanced to the AIF Eastern Conference title game against Harrisburg and won 42-40. The team then played a "title game" in which a travel team was flown in to pose as the California Eagles. Cape Fear won again, 79-27. The team returned to the AIF in 2013 and was again the top team in the league. A 7-1 regular season record was enough to host the AIF championship game. The lone blemish came against the Harrisburg Stampede, 39-30. By birtue of beating the Stampede in two other games, Cape Fear hosted the title game against Harrisburg. However, this time, the team from Pennsylvania dominated the Heroes, 57-42. Statistics for the 2013 season were not available. The team returned in 2014, going 5-1 in the regular season. Following a 57-47 victory against Baltimore on May 17th, the team would not play again until the AIFA title game against the same Baltimore team on June 14th. Cape Fear led 44-39 in the waning seconds, but following a long injury timeout, Baltimore stole the title game win 45-44 on a nine yard touchdown pass with two seconds left. Following the 2014 season, the Heroes left the AIF for the XIFL.