Fayetteville Guard

Years of Existence: 2008-2010
Venue: Crown Coliseum (Fayetteville, NC)
2008 -
2009 - Playoff appearance
2010 -
Lifetime Record: 15-28
Home: 9-12
Away: 6-16
Playoffs: 0-1
Average Attendance: 3,200

The Fayetteville Guard joined the AIFA after spending time in the failed NIFL. The team averaged just 22 points per game on the road. The team also lost three home games to Mississippi, Columbus, and Florence by a combined four points. A win against Mississippi in the final game of the year would've put the Guard in the playoffs, but the Mudcats won in North Carolina 43-41. The Guard of 2009 attained an 8-3 record before losing its final three games of the regular season. Jay Jackson led the team with 25 receiving touchdowns, while Walter Ford played great on offense and special teams, catching 18 scores, returning three kickoffs for scores and one interception for a touchdown. Two of the final regular season games came against Columbus, both losses. The team would meet Columbus in back to back weeks as the playoffs began. In the first half of all three games, Fayetteville was behind by at most eight points, but would fall behind in all three second halves. The 2010 campaign kicked off with a 59-0 loss at Baltimore, which pretty much set the tone for the 2-12 seaosn. The team was outscored by an average of 54-36. Fayetteville quarterbacks combined to throw an astonishing 39 interceptions to 47 touchdowns. Gildersleeve led the team with 26 touchdown passes and 23 of the picks. Walter Ford led the team with 14 receiving scores. The team's lone wins came against New Jersey.