Bismarck Bucks

Years of Existence: 2017-2018
Venue: Bismarck Event Center (Bismarck, ND)
2017 Playoff appearance
2018 - Playoff appearance
Lifetime Record: 10-16
Home: 6-6
Away: 4-10
Playoffs: 0-2
Average Attendance: Not Reported

The Bismarck Bucks were a CIF expansion team for 2017. They were quarterbacked by Johnathan Bane and Josh Straughan. The two combined to pass for 2,168 yards, 46 touchdowns and ten interceptions. Jauyhem Byrd-Mix led all receivers with 16 scores and 709 yards. Elby Pope brought in 47 receptions for 600 yards and eleven touchdowns. Tyler Floyd led all rushers with 401 yards and twelve touchdowns. A major issue for the Bucks was the Sioux City Bandits, who defeated them three times in the regular season and once in the playoffs by a combinded score of 256-145 A 79-78 loss to Bloomington in the final week of the regular season, where a two point conversion pass failed with 23 seconds left, got the team to the playoffs for an 82-43 loss at Sioux City. Bismarck did defeat the Omaha Beef and Sioux City Bandits once each in the regular season. It was a near repeat in the Bucks' second and final CIF season. A 5-8 regular season record led to a playoff appearance and first round out against Salina, 81-51. Aaron Aiken and Tyler Johnson split time at quarterback, combining for 1,638 yards, 28 touchdowns and 16 INTs. Xavier Steward led the rush attack with 15 scores and 491 yards. Jayhem Bird-Mix caught 17 touchdowns. The team left the CIF following the 2018 season and joined the IFL.