Chicago Slaughter

Years of Existence: 2007-2009
Venue: Sears Centre Arena (Hoffman Estates, IL)
2007 - Quarterfinal appearance
2008 - Playoff appearance
2009 - CIFL Champions
Lifetime Record: 33-8
Home: 18-4
Away: 15-4
Playoffs: 3-2
Average Attendance: 4,163

The Chicago Slaughter were originally set to join the UIF, but were denied and entered the CIFL very late in the offseason. As it was, Chicago had a very successful season, winning nine games and seven of their last eight. After splitting two regular season games with Kalamzoo, the Xplosion took out the Slaughter in the playoffs, 51-40. The Slaughter returned in 2008, losing their first game of the year in overtime against Kalamazoo. The team rebounded nicely through the year, going 8-4 and ending the regular season winning six of their final seven. The team earned another home playoff game, but again lost. This time, Rock River surprised the Slaughter, 54-39. In 2009, the Slaughter was the team to beat. The team benefited greatly from the AFL's dormant season, acquiring such players as QB Russ Michna, WR Donovan Morgan, and WR Bobby Sippio. Michna passed for 70 touchdowns and rushed for six more in an undefeated year. Morgan caught 22 touchdowns in seven games. The team won by an average of 28 points per game, playing just a handful of close games. In the first round of the playoffs, the Slaughter hosted Wisconsin, instead of what could have been a more challenging Rock River team, because the Wolfpack won a tiebreaker. Michna passed for six touchdowns; three wentto Sippio, while two more went to Morgan. The team would then host the 2009 CIFL Championship game against a strapped-for-cash Fort Wayne team that was almost unable to participate in the postseason. After a surprise victory on the road at Marion, the Freedom looked to upset the Slaughter. The two teams played a stellar game, but Chicago pulled away in the fourth quarter and won the CIFL title 58-48 on its home turf. Following the 2009 season, the Slaughter joined the IFL.