Rochester Raiders

Years of Existence: 2006-2008
Venue: ESL Centre (Rochester, NY)
2006 - Championship game appearance
2007 - CIFL Champions
2008 -
Lifetime Record: 33-6
Home: 20-2
Away: 13-4
Playoffs: 4-1
Average Attendance: 2,415

The Rochester Raiders joined Port Huron as being two teams on a different level in the GLIFL's first season. The Raiders cruised in most of their games. However, when the Raiders clashed with the Pirates, Rochester came up just short every time. After two close losses, one being in overtime, the two top teams met in the Great Lakes Bowl. Once again, the Raiders came out on the short end of a 40-34 score. Quarterback Matt Contengim, who had a great regular season, struggled somewhat in the championship game. The Raiders opened the 2007 season against Port Huron, losing 62-30. Then they played the Pirates two weeks later, losing 60-13. The Raiders cut through the rest of the league, blowing out playoff opponents Lehigh Valley and New England before being allowed to host the Pirates for the CIFL Championship game. Port Huron elected to let Rochester host the game because more fans would show up. The Raiders then dealt the Pirates their first ever loss, 37-27 and won the title. The team won all its regular season games in 2008, but left the league after Flint did not travel to Rochester for the final game. The team joined the AIFA for three regular season games and a chance to play the AIFA champion.