Frisco Thunder

Years of Existence: 2007-2008
Venue: Deja Blue Field (Frisco, TX)
2007 - Playoff appearance
2008 - Playoff appearance
Lifetime Record: 14-16
Home: 9-5
Away: 5-11
Playoffs: 0-2
Average Attendance: 1,836

The Frisco Thunder kicked off in 2007 as an expansion franchise. Unlike the typical expansion team, the Thunder started out great, winning eight of their first eleven. One key to success was getting out to a fast start, holding opponents to an average of ten points. Quarterback Dustin Almond passed for over 3,000 yards and 68 touchdowns. However, the Thunder lost their final three regular season games. After qualifying for the playoffs, the Thunder took a 24-21 halftime lead at Corpus Christi. But, like twice before, Corpus Christi ended up drubbing the Thunder in a 34-17 second half and took the 55-41 win. In 2008, the Thunder were forced to play a very odd schedule. Due to arena renovations, the Thunder had to play all seven of their home games in a row to start the season. The team played well at home, going 5-2 and losing both games by a combined five points. However, the team was also then forced to play seven road games in a row. The Thunder won just one of these games and were blown out by an average of 29 points per game. The team qualified for the playoffs and made its eighth consecutive road trip , to Odessa. The Thunder trailed 15-13 early, but lost 67-33.