Amarillo Venom

Years of Existence: 2010-
Venue: Cal Farley Coliseum (Amarillo, TX)
2010 Lone Star West Division champions, quarterfinal appearance
2011 -
Lifetime Record: 16-14
Home: 10-6
Away: 6-8
Playoffs: 1-1
Average Attendance: 2,975

The Amarillo Venom joined the IFL after several af2 teams entered the new AFL. Julian Reese remained the quarterback, throwing for 49 touchdowns and just eight picks. Also known for his legs, he ran for ten scores. Dontrell Moore ran for 16 scores and Sha-Ron Edwards added ten touchdowns. Alex Watson, Anthony Clark, and Duvaughn Flagler combined to catch 33 touchdowns and accounted for over 1,300 yards. The team went 11-3, winning its division and winning all home games. These included a victory over Arkansas. The team qualified for the postseason and hosted West Texas in the first round. The Venom defeated the Roughnecks in the first two games of the year and again powered past them, 56-36. In the quarterfinals, Amarillo would host Arkansas. This time, the Twisters blew out the Venom by a count of 46-31. The Venom returned in 2011, but did not have the same success. Former quarterback Julian Reese assumed a coaching role, and the reigns were turned over to X'avier Bloodsaw to being the year. Through seven games, Bloodsaw threw for 11 touchdowns and 11 picks. None of his replacements were able to complete more than 50% of their passes and continued to throw interceptions at an alarming rate. DuVaughn Flagler and Anthony Clark combined for 786 yards and 13 receiving touchdowns in the fledgling offense. Despite scoring just 529 points, the defense allowed just 522. The Venom racked up 51 sacks on opposing quarterbacks. Only four teams were able to score more than 39 points, but the anemic offense held the Venom back from many wins, including a 52-51 loss to Allen. Against a semipro squad labeled as the Bricktown Brawlers, the Venom won 77-0.