Duke City Gladiators

Years of Existence: 2021-
Venue: Rio Rancho Events Center(Rio Rancho, NM)
2021 - Semifinal appearance
2022 - Playoff appearance
2023 -
Lifetime Record: 21-27
Home: 13-10
Away: 8-17
Playoffs: 1-2
Average Attendance:

The Duke City Gladiators moved to the IFL from the CIF in 2021. In 2021, the team went 7-7 behind the arm of Nate Davis, who passed for 2,901 yards, 79 touchdowns and ten interceptions. Dello Davis led all receivers with 975 yards and 31 touchdowns. Xavier Amey caught 20 scores and Jared Elmore 17. Taylor Raymond ran for 269 yards and seven trips to the end zone. The team qualified for the playoffs and defeated Iowa 34-33 in the first round before falling at Arizona 58-55. In 2022, Nate Davis was injured early in the first game of the year and would not return. Ramone Atkins replaced him and passed for 2,169 yards, 50 scores and ten picks. He also ran for fifteen touchdowns. Jared Elmore led all receivers with 789 yards and twenty touchdowns. Greg Dent Jr. and Dello Davis each caught fifteen scores. The Gladiators dropped five of their first seven games, including back-to-back one point defeats at the hands of Frisco and Tucson. A four game win streak would keep the season alive and ultimately, Duke City made the playoff field before being blasted by Arizona in the first round, 53-14. The team returned in 2023, going 5-10 on the regular season. Gary Brown led all receivers with 52 catches for 17 touchdowns and 622 yards. Charles McCullum quarterbacked the team, passing for 1,372 yards, 30 touchdowns and ten picks. He was backed up by Nate Davis, who passed for 712 yards, 19 scores and five interceptions. Tim Whittfield led all rushers with 395 yards and nine touchdowns. Roderick Chapman picked seven passes off for the defense. After winning two of their first three games against Northern Arizona and Tulsa, the team fell off and would miss the playoffs.