West Michigan Thunderhawks/Muskegon Thunder

Years of Existence: 2009-
Venues: Walker Arena (Muskegon, MI), DeltaPlex (Grand Rapids, MI)
2010 -
Lifetime Record: 6-22
Home: 5-9
Away: 1-13
Playoffs: 0-0
Average Attendance: 1,179

The Muskegon Thunder moved from the CIFL to join the IFL in 2009. It was not a successful first year in the new league. The team saw six quarterbacks over the season who threw 18 scores and 31 interceptions. The team added twelve rushing scores while giving up 35. The team was outscored by an average of 53-20, winning one game against Saginaw. The team had its final home game on June 6th. The team would play its final two games on the road, including the final game on July 11th after three consecutive bye weeks. The team relocated to Muskegon for 2010 went 5-9. A strong showing early on with three straight wins gave way to a season of issues off the field. The team became a group of semi-pro players by its eleventh game and would lose out, except for a home win against Maryland. Brad Iciek quarterbacked the team for eleven games, throwing for 46 scores and 14 picks. Nathan Frickie, Brian Pray, and Emmanuel Spann all caught more than ten scores. The worst lost for the team came against Green Bay, as the Blizzard rolled 74-9.