Sioux City Bandits

Years of Existence: 2009-
Venue: Tyson Event Center (Sioux City, SD)
2010 -
Lifetime Record: 8-20
Home: 5-9
Away: 3-11
Playoffs: 0-0
Average Attendance: 3,767

The Sioux City Storm joined the IFL as part of the merger between the Intense league and UIF. The Storm were not very successful in their first year in the expanded league. Scott Jensen led the team for most of the season at quarterback, throwing 25 touchdowns and 6 interceptions, while rushing for 7 more scores. James White caught ten of the scores. In defense of the team's 4-10 record is the fact that the team had one of the most difficult schedules in the league; only one game was against a team that did not make the postseason (two including the Sioux Falls situation). The offense did struggle, producing just 116 points in its first six contests and just 450 on the year. The rivalry with Sioux Falls was dominated by the Storm, three games to none. The 2010 team did an exact repeat, going 4-10 once again. Two early wins against Colorado kept the team's hopes up, but the only impressive win was a 48-47 home victory to playoff team Wichita. Quarterbacks Scott Jensen and James McNear combined for 45 touchdowns to just 12 picks, with T.J. Williams catching eight of the scores. However, the Bandits gave up 52 points per game and were blasted by Omaha and Sioux Falls.