Dayton Skyhawks

Years of Existence: 1999-2000
Venue: Hara Arena (Dayton, OH)
1999 - Playoff appearance
2000 Playoff appearance
Lifetime Record: 12-16
Home: 9-4
Away: 2-12
Playoffs: 0-2
Average Attendance: 2,243

The Dayton Skyhawks' inability to win on the road cost them any chance at success. In 1999, the team went 6-6, winning one road game against Steel Valley. Just because the team lost those other road games doesn't mean the games weren't close. In fact, the team averaged 42.9 points per game, while allowing 42.5. In the playoffs, the Skyhawks lost on the road to Peoria, 41-40. The following year was much of the same, only this time the team went 6-8 in the regular season. The team gave up an average of 41 points per game, while scoring just 37. However, that statistic is a bit misleading, because in week 14, the Casper Cavalry blew the Skyhawks out in the worst loss in IFL history, 93-19. In their playoff game, Dayton lost 64-23 at Green Bay. Following the sale of the IFL, the Skyhawks folded. A Dayton team resurfaced in the NIFL a few years later.