Flint Flames

Years of Existence: 2000
Venue: IMA Sports Arena (Flint, MI)
Lifetime Record: 2-12
Home: 2-5
Away: 0-7
Playoffs: 0-0
Average Attendance: 1,443

The Flint Flames really fell off the map after week three of the season. After two close losses to Steel Valley and Dayton, and a 3 point victory over Erie, the Flames died out instantaneously. In fact, the only games where the Flames came within one score of being able to win or tie were in week eight against Casper, week thirteen against Black Hills, and in week fifteen, against Johnstown. The Flames did win a second game. A 74-57 trouncing of Duluth. This was the highlight of the season, as the Flames were outscored by an average of 57-43. When the IFL was sold, the franchise did not resurface.