Johnstown Jackals

Years of Existence: 2000, 2001 as the Johnstown J-Dogs (NIFL)
Venue: War Memorial Arena (Johnstown, PA)
Lifetime Record: 3-11
Home: 2-5
Away: 1-6
Playoffs: 0-0
Average Attendance: 2,485

The Johnstown Jackals completed one subpar season in the IFL. The team was actually very competivie for a while, their first three losses coming by a combined 20 points, along with a 58-57 win over Duluth. After that, tohugh, the losses came by bunches. Despite the misery, the team ended the season on a winning note by defeating Flint, 33-29. The Jackals also participated in a 19-21 loss to Steel Valley. The team moved to the NIFL for the following season and then folded. Johnstown did not receive another indoor team until 2005 in the AIFL.