Lincoln Lightning

Years of Existence: 1999-2000, 2001 (AF2), 2002- as the Lincoln Capitols (NIFL)
Venue: Thunder Stadium (Lincoln, NE)
1999 - Playoff appearance
2000 Playoff appearance
Lifetime Record: 17-11
Home: 12-3
Away: 5-8
Playoffs: 0-2
Average Attendance: 4,896

The Lincoln Lightning were an original team in the IFL. They finished their first season at 7-5, despite having the best offensive output by more than 70 points. The Lightning scored 205 points in their first three games alone, including a 78 point output against Steel Valley. The team also dropped 86 on Duluth. Even with the mediocre record and despite losing two of their last three, Lincoln hosted a playoff game. The team lost, 44-34, to Green Bay. In 2002, the Lightning was the second most offensive team and this time they even had a defense. Losses were few and far between, and there were many blowouts en route to a 10-4 regular season. The team won their final game, 53-14, over Steel Valley. Unfortunately, the similarities to the previous year were too many. The team took another early playoff exit, with a 53-38 loss to Sioux City in the first round. Lincoln was the only home team to lose at any point in the 2000 playoffs. Following the sale of the IFL, the Lightning played in the af2 for a year. After that, the franchise became the Capitols and moved to the NIFL where it remains today.