Steel Valley Smash

Years of Existence: 1999-2000, 2001-2004 as the Ohio Valley Greyhounds (NIFL), 2005- (UIF)
Venue: Wheeling Civic Center (Wheeling, WV)
1999 -
2000 Northern Division champions, semifinal epparance
Lifetime Record: 12-16
Home: 7-6
Away: 5-10
Playoffs: 1-1
Average Attendance: 4,161

The Steel Valley Smash completed their first season at 2-10. The team was outscored by an average of thirteen points. The Smash got smashed nine straight times to start the season. But winning two of their final three proved to be a good omen for the next year. In 2000, the team completed an extremely rare feat. The team won nine games and their division, but was outscored 490-481. This statistic is skewed because in their final regular season game, the Smash was taken apart by Lincoln, 53-14. Steel Valley earned a first round bye and then defeated Green Bay, 21-10, in the quarterfinals. The Smash was blown out at Peoria, 55-10 next week. When the IFL was sold, the franchise reorganized as the Ohio Valley Greyhounds. The Greyhounds went on to be a very successful franchise in the NIFL and UIF.