Topeka Knights/Kings

Years of Existence: 1999-2000
Venue: Landon Arena (Topkea, KS)
1999 -
2000 Southern Division champions, semifinal appearance
Lifetime Record: 16-12
Home: 11-3
Away: 5-9
Playoffs: 1-1
Average Attendance: 4,169

The Topeka Knights lost seven games in 1999. Five of them came by a combined 28 points. If the Knights could've won one of their close games, they may have won a tiebreaker with Dayton to get into the playoffs. As it stood, the Knights would have to wait until the following season for postseason games. In 2000, the team won its division, going 10-4, outscoring their opponents by an average of ten points. Unfortunately, the team lost three of their last five games. At some point in the season, ownership of the team changed and the team became known as the Kings. In the playoffs, the team defeated Black Hills and then got destroyed at Bismarck. When the IFL was sold, Topeka folded.