Omaha Beef

Years of Existence: 2000-2001, 2002-2004 (NIFL), 2005- (UIF)
2000 Playoff appearance
2001 - Championship appearance
Lifetime Record: 25-10
Home: 14-3
Away: 11-7
Playoffs: 0-2
Average Attendance: Unknown

The Omaha Beef was the most successful IPFL franchise over a two year span. After a 9-7 regular season in 2000, the Beef lost, 43-40 to Mississippi in the playoffs. However, it was 2001 that made the Beef special. The team finished the regular season at 15-1, averaging 56 points per game and scoring a total of 896. Unfortunately, like the regular season, the Tennessee Thundercats defeated the Beef in the Championship game. Omaha then moved to the NIFL and that was pretty much the end of the IPFL. After three years in the NIFL, the franchise moved to the UIF.