Tennessee Thundercats

Years of Existence: 2001, 2002 (NIFL), 2003 as the Tennessee Riverhawks (NIFL), 2004 as the Greenville Riverhawks (NIFL), 2005- as the Johnstown Riverhakws (AIFL)
2001 IPFL Champions
Lifetime Record: 12-4
Home: 7-1
Away: 5-3
Playoffs: 1-0
Average Attendance: Unknown

The Tennessee Thundercats have an incredibly tumultuous history that all began in the IPFL in 2001. The Thundercats went 11-4, losing just one home game in the process. The team finished in second place and traveld to Omaha (15-1) for the championship game. The Thundercats upset the Beef, 47-38. When the IPFL folded, Tennessee moved to the NIFL and became the Riverhawks. Currently, the franchise is in Johnstown in the AIFL.