Corpus Christi Hammerheads

Years of Existence: 2012-
Venue: American Bank Center (Corpus Christi, TX)
2012 -
Lifetime Record: 5-7
Home: 5-2
Away: 0-5
Playoffs: 0-0
Average Attendance: 3,900

The Corpus Christi Hammerheads joined the LSFL after leaving the SIFL. John DeLosSantos quarterbacked the 4-7 Hammerheads, throwing for 2,440 yards, 45 touchdowns and 24 interceptions. Juliun Eppinger was the lead wide receiver, catching 19 touchdowns and piling up 906 yards. The team's opening game of the year was a 55-49 overtime loss in which the Hammerheads missed two extra points in the final 2:21. The team's most notable game was an 82-75 victory over Amarillo, in which Corpus Christi scored twice in the final 94 seconds to pull away.