Billings Outlaws/Mavericks

Years of Existence: 2001-2006
Venue: MetroPark Arena (Billings, MT)
2001 -
2002 – Indoor Bowl appearance
2003 -
2004 - Semifinal appearance
2005 - Playoff appearance
2006 - NIFL Champions
Lifetime Record: 60-35
Home: 36-11
Away: 24-24
Playoffs: 6-3
Average Attendance: 3,181

The Billings Outlaws are one of the longest-running NIFL franchises that has undergone the least turmoil. In 2001, the Outlaws finished at an even 7-7, winning only two games on the road, which led to no postseason berth. The team turned things around in 2002. After a 10-4 regular season, which included three losses to Bismarck, the Outlaws qualified for the postseason. However, they would not have any home games. Despite this, the Outlaws ran the table and defeated Lincoln and Bismarck, each by a field goal and earned the right to face Ohio Valley in Indoor Bowl II. The Greyhounds would end the Outlaws’ miracle run, 55-52. The Outlaws did not rebound well in 2003. Following a 1-4 start, the best the Outlaws could manage was an up-and-down, 6-8 finish. The following season was a return to greatness. The Outlaws went undefeated at home and finished the regular season at 11-3, earning a first-round bye in the postseason. In the quarterfinals, the Outlaws defeated the Omaha Beef, 68-59, but would lose in the semifinals to Sioux Falls, 44-13. In 2005, Billings’ name was changed to the Mavericks. The season turned out to be the worst in franchise history. The Mavericks won four games and managed to qualify for the postseason. After a four-game losing streak to end the regular season, Billings would face and undefeated Everett team. The Mavericks were crushed, 97-60. The team regained their Outlaws moniker in 2006, after winning a lawsuit against the NIFL. Osceola had tried to take the name, but they didn't get it. The Outlaws only lost one game all year, a 44-41 early season game at Tri-Cities. Billings defeated the top seed in the Atlantic Conference during the regular season at River City. Billings also survived close games with Wyoming and Rapid City. After securing the #1 seed in the Pacific, the Outlaws crushed Tri-Cities by 27 and then got past Rapid City. After the Fayetteville owner tried to persuade the NIFL to have the Indoor Bowl at the Crown, the NIFL decided to keep the game in Montana. Billings attracted over 7,900 fans to the game and dominated the game all night, winning 59-44. After six seasons in the NIFL, the Outlaws moved to the UIF for the 2007 season.