Fayetteville Guard

Years of Existence: 2005-2007, 2008-2010 as the Fayetteville Guard(AIFA)
Venue: Crown Coliseum (Fayetteville, NC)
2005 - Quarterfinal appearance
2006 - Indoor Bowl appearance
2007 - Indoor Football Championship Winners
Lifetime Record: 35-10
Home: 24-3
Away: 11-7
Playoffs: 4-2
Average Attendance: 2,988

The Fayetteville Guard replaced the Cape Fear Wildcats (AF2) when the Cats moved to Georgia. The Guard appeared to be a mediocre replacement during the regular season, losing four of their first six, and finishing at 7-7. However, the Guard had a promising run in the playoffs. Despite the .500 record ,the Guard would host the Dayton Warbirds and would win 78-63. In the quartefinals, the Guard lost by a point, 70-69 to the Cincinnati Marshals. The Guard turned it all around in 2006, winning eight in a row to finish the year, and losing just one game, to Lakeland. After a blowout win over Lakeland, the Guard won a controversial game at River City. With the score 72-70 in overtime, a Rage receiver caught a two point conversion pass, but was ruled out of bounds on a forceout. After winning the game, Fayetteville management tried to keep the Indoor Bowl game in Fayetteville, instead of Billings. The NIFL heard the case and decided to keep the game in Montana. Fayetteville, with all the dramma and turmoil, got to Billings at around 2:00AM on Saturday morning. The Guard were dominated by the Outlaws for most of the game, losing the championship 59-44. The Guard were one of many victims in the NIFL's 2007 season. Several league-owned expansion teams folded early on in the year, forcing legitimate teams like Fayetteville to find replacement teams and cancel road games. The team was challenged only once, in a 31-21 victory at Columbia. Following the tumultuous regular season, Fayetteville and Wyoming were kicked out of the NIFL and played their own championship game, without the involvement of the San Diego Shockwave. Fayetteville defeated Wyoming, 48-34.