Katy Copperheads

Years of Existence: 2006
Venue: Leonard E. Merrell Center (Katy, TX)
2006 Quarterfinal appearance
Lifetime Record: 12-4
Home: 6-1
Away: 6-3
Playoffs: 1-1
Average Attendance: 2,536

The Katy Copperheads were one of the best expansion teams for 2006. The team was able to build a nice rivalry with the Beaumont Drillers and was able to attract very good crowds, despite playing several replacement teams at home. The Copperheads set a record for points scored in a game, by dropping 132 on a West Palm Beach replacement squad. The only two "real" home games the Copperheads played were in the first two weeks of the season, as the team defeated Beaumont and then got pounded by River City. In the other five home games, the Copperheads outscored their opponents 413-66. Come playoff time, Katy was supposed to host Beaumont, but due to a problem with the arena, the game was held in Beaumont. The Copperheads rolled, 55-21 and advanced to take on Rapid City. The team ran into some problems when one of their busses broke down on the way. The game was delayed by thirty minutes, and the Copperheads had very little time to get ready. Not surprisngly, the Flying Aces won the game, 60-38. Following a rocky season, the Copperheads moved to the AF2.