Lexington Horsemen

Years of Existence: 2003-2004, 2005- as the Lexington Horsemen (UIF)
Venue: Rupp Arena (Lexington, KY)
2003 - Playoff appearance
2004 - NIFL Champions
Lifetime Record: 23-10
Home: 10-6
Away: 13-3
Playoffs: 4-1
Average Attendance: 6,188

The Lexington Horsemen enjoyed two winning seasons and a Championship game victory in the NIFL. In 2003, the Horsemen won six games in a row and finished the season at 9-5. The Horsemen were only blown out once in a loss. The team qualified for the playoffs and lost to Ohio Valley, 51-42. In 2004, the Horsemen set a few records for themselves. On June 26, 2004, a day that will forever be remembered by indoor football fans, the Lexington Horsemen defeated the Waco Marshals, 116-18. This was the second-highest number of points scored by one team in indoor football history. The Horsemen forced seven interceptions and five fumbles and cruised to a 68-6 halftime lead and never looked back. The team would also win their first Championship, winning several close games over Atlantic City, Houma, Ohio Valley, and finally, defeating Sioux Falls, 59-38 for the Indoor Bowl title. The Horsemen franchise has the best road winning record in NIFL history. Following their Championship season, the Lexington jumped ship and joined the UIF.