Lincoln Capitols

Years of Existence: 2002-2006
Venues: Pershing Arena (Lincoln, NE) Civic Arena (St. Joseph, MO)
2002 - Playoff appearance
2003 -
2004 -
2005 -
2006 -
Lifetime Record: 22-46
Home: 13-22
Away: 9-24
Playoffs: 0-1
Average Attendance: 1,375

The Lincoln Capitols franchise contains one of the richest histories in indoor football history. The Lightning came from the IFL and moved to the AF2 for the 2001 season. After a dismal season there, Lincoln became the Capitols of the NIFL. In 2002, the Capitols had their best season, finishing 10-4 and qualifying for the postseason. Despite a 54-51 first round loss to Billings, the Lincoln Capitols set a record that may never be broken in any indoor football league. On June 29, the Capitols scored a whopping 120 points against the River City Renegades. The team had fifteen possessions and scored fifteen touchdowns. The Capitols also scored 97 straight points to end the game. In 2003, the team had another winning season. In stark contrast to a 120-15 score, the Capitols outscored the Sioux City Bandits, 20-0. The Capitols did not qualify for the postseason, despite their 9-5 record. In 2004, the team began to fall off the map for good. Lincoln won just three games over Oklahoma, Wichita Falls, and Black Hills. The Capitols were shutout by the Omaha Beef, 54-0. In 2005, Lincoln was winless in fourteen tries. Fate was very cruel to the Capitols, as they gave up 100 points to the Tri-Cities Fever, losing that game 100-17. The Lincoln Capitols of 2006 were nothing short of a diaster. Season tickets never went on sale and the reason became apparent after game one: a 102-6 loss to Rapid City. The next week's effort against the Flying Aces was no better, as the Caps lost 90-8. The Lincoln franchise was moved to St. Joseph, Missouri, where an APFL team played. After some more losing, the arena in St. Joseph evicted the NIFL team. With no home, the Capitols were turned into a road team for the remainder of the season. Despite going 0-14, the Capitols played a close game against Big Sky and lost in overtime to Arkansas.