Montgomery Maulers

Years of Existence: 2005-2006
Venue: Garrett Coliseum (Montgomery, AL)
2005 - Quarterfinal appearance
2006 - Playoff appearance
Lifetime Record: 16-15
Home: 12-4
Away: 4-11
Playoffs: 1-2
Average Attendance: 3,276

The Montgomery Maulers had great success, for an expansion team. The team won six of their final eight games to salvage an 8-6 season. The Maulers surprised NIFL nation with a playoff win against Miami, 63-35. The Maulers lost in the quarterfinals to Rome, 47-31. The following season was rocky to say the least. Midseason, players complained that they had not been paid. Owner Jamie LaMunyon fired all of them and hired replacements for a few road games. LaMunyon then gave up the team to new ownership and the old players were rehired. The team won four of their last five games. The final game of the year was ruled a forfeit victory despite Charleston winning on the scoreboard, 39-28. The NIFL ruled that Charleston used illegal players. Montgomery enterred the playoffs the following week and lost a 70-62 decision to Lakeland. Following the season, the franchise moved to the AIFL and was renamed the Bears.