Tennessee ThunderCats

Years of Existence: 2002, 2003 as the Tennessee RiverHawks, 2004 as the Greenville RiverHawks, 2005 as the Johnstown RiverHawks (AIFL)
2002 -
2003 -
2004 -
Lifetime Record: 17-16
Home: 9-5
Away: 8-11
Playoffs: 1-1
Average Attendance: 633

The Tennessee Thundercats began as an excellent expansion team. The team finished at 10-4 in 2002 and qualified for the postseason. After losing a regular season meeting, the Thundercats upset the 13-1 Lake Charles LandSharks, 42-40 to advance to the semifinals. The team then lost their third meeting with Ohio Valley, 45-24. Following the 2002 season, the teamís name was changed to the RiverHawks. The RiverHawks were not as successful, finishing at 6-8 and missing the playoffs. The RiverHawks did beat the Lexington Horsemen, 62-58, the most notable win of the season. Following the 2003 season, the RiverHawks moved to Greenville. The teamís ownership folded after the first three games and the team was taken over by the league. The NIFL moved the RiverHawks to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where the team played their remaining games on the road. However, there seems to be no record of these games. In 2005, the RiverHawks moved to Johnstown and joined the AIFL.