Alabama Hammers

Years of Existence: 2012-
Venue: Vaughn Braun Center (Huntsville, AL)
2013 - PIFL Champions
2014 -
2015 -
Lifetime Record: 23-26
Home: 16-10
Away: 7-16
Playoffs: 2-0
Average Attendance: 2,361

The Alabama Hammers moved to the new PIFL from the defunct SIFL. The team was led by Arvell Nelson, who passed for 2,315 yards, 51 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. Mico McSwain led all receivers with 970 yards and 24 scores, while Thomas Harris added another 20 touchdowns. On the ground, Nelson scored 14 times and ran for 258 yards. The team's three wins came against Louisiana, Columbus, and Knoxville; the first two of which made the PIFL playoffs. The Hammers lost five games by nine points or less, including a season-ending 75-70 defeat at the hands of the Swashbucklers. The team also lost an overtime game against Knoxville. In 2013, the franchise executed one of the best turnarounds in the history of the sport, going from worst to champion. New at quarterback was Russell Hill, who threw for 2,628 yards, 59 touchdowns and just ten picks. Mico McSwain was again the top receiver, this year scoring 31 times and racking up 1,164 yards to become the first 1,000 yard receiver in franchise history. The team converted on touchdowns on all but nine red-zone possessions, while only netting 88 rushing yards on the entire regular season. Of the team's nine regular season wins (one game was cancelled late in the year at Louisiana), the most exciting may have been a 79-77 victory at Lehigh Valley, in which Hill threw for 371 yards and eight scores. A successfully defended two-point conversion at the end of regulation averted an overtime thriller. The team's biggest hiccup came late in the year, when they were outscored 19-0 by Knoxville in the fourth quarter to lose 53-51. However, Alabama was the top seed for the playoffs and would cruise past Albany in the first round, 61-46. The team then crushed Richmond in the league title game, 70-44. The defending champs returned to play in 2014, but posted a 4-8 regular season record and missed the playoffs. Russell Hill remained at quarterback for half of the season, throwing for 1,884 yards, 30 touchdowns and 11 picks. Kevin Huff passed for 856 yards, 17 scores and six picks. Mico McSwain stayed with the team and led all receivers with 1,118 yards and 24 scores. The offense netted 76 rushing yards on the season. TJ Wiliams picked four passes and returned three of them for scores. The team's first loss of the year came in a wild 64 point fourth quarter. The Hammers scored 38, but failed on a two point conversion with three seconds left that would've tied the contest. The following week, Richmond outscored Alabama 20-0 in the fourth quarter, pulling out a 38-35 win on a 41 yard missed field goal return for touchdown with 29 seconds left. Thet eam returned in 2015, but only managed a 5-7 regular season. Garrett Sutphen led the team, passing for 3,302 yards, 59 touchdowns and 19 picks. Indoor vet Mico McSwain led all receivers with 1,606 yards and 24 scores. After winning three of their first four, the Hammers fell in six straight games.