Fayetteville Force

Years of Existence: 2011
Venue: Crown Coliseum (Fayetteville, NC)
2011 -
Lifetime Record: 3-9
Home: 2-4
Away: 1-5
Playoffs: 0-0
Average Attendance: 2,700

The Fayetteville Guard moved to the SIFL from the defunct AIFA and became the Force. The team did not survive the entire season, after a strong start. The Force got out to a 3-0 record and lost by one point to the defending champions of the SIFL in Columbus and lost by just three to a strong Albany team. Lamar Little quarterbacked the intact team for eight games, throwing for 1,146 yards 24 scores and 15 picks. Little also accounted for ten rushing scores. Jay Jackson and Chris Schubert combined for 933 yards and caught 19 touchdowns. The team folded after eight games and was replaced by semipro players for three road games and a home contest. Little did these semipro players know that they would be on the wrong side of history in a game at Erie. The Erie Explosion would return seven of nine interceptions for touchdowns, recover two fumbles for touchdowns, and complete seven touchdown passes on just ten passes attepted. Erie won 138-0, eclipsing the Katy Copperheads 132-3 victory as the largest margin and single-team point totals in indoor football history. The replacement players were outscored 402-40. The team was purchased by John Morris and moved back to the AIFA for 2012.