Rock River Raptors

Years of Existence: 2005 as the Tennessee Valley Raptors, 2006-2007

Venue: Metro Centre (Rockford, IL)
2005 - Semifinal appearance
2006 - Central Division champions, semifinal appearance
2007 - Eastern Division champions, quarterfinal appearance
Lifetime Record: 29-21
Home: 17-9
Away: 12-12
Playoffs: 2-3
Average Attendance: 3,122

The Tenessee Valley Raptors left the AF2 after five successful seasons. The move to the UIF yielded the franchise's first losing season. After a 6-9 regular season, the Raptors barely made the playoffs as the number eight seed. It seemed they would make a quick exit to the 14-2 Fort Wayne Freedom. However, the Raptors pulled off a huge upset, with a 57-22 victory. The team then traveled to Sioux City, where they lost, 42-37. Following the 2005 season, the Raptors moved to Rockford, Illinois. New ownership purchased a new franchise named the Tennessee Valley Vipers in the AF2. The following year was much better for the Raptors. Instead of limping into the playoffs, the team won eight of its final nine games and got a Central Division title. The Raptors were also responsible for Lexington's only two losses of the regular season. After holding off a late rally by Sioux City in the first round of the playoffs, the Raptors and Horsemen battled again. This time, The third time was the charm for Lexington, as they knocked the Raptors into the offseason, 47-33. After beginning the 2007 season at 2-3, the Raptors won eight of their next nine en rout to clinching a second consecutive division title. Rock River met Bloomington in the first round of the playoffs. The two previous regular season meetings resulted in a one point win for the Raptors and a seven point overtime win for the Xtreme. In this postseason meeting, the Xtreme upset the number one seed in the East, 43-30. Following the 2007 season, the Raptors folded.