Florida Tarpons

Years of Existence: 2012-
2012 - Championship game appearance
2013 - UIFL Champions
Lifetime Record: 18-2
Home: 13-1
Away: 5-1
Playoffs: 2-1
Average Attendance: 3,915

The Florida Tarpons were an expansion team in the UIFL's 2012 season. The team was quarterbacked by af2 Florida Firecat veteran Chris Wallace. Wallace threw for 1,850 yards, 58 touchdowns and just five interceptions. Donald Fusilier snagged 27 touchdowns, while Singleton caught 24 of his own. Terrance Jones picked 11 passes off for the Tarpon defense. As the UIFL's southern conference collapsed, the Tarpons' only real opponent was the Lakeland Raiders. All other competition would come against replacement teams. The team did not have any regular season meetings with East Kentucky or any northern conference opponents. In their fifth meeting, Florida beat Lakeland 60-29 to advance to, and host, the UIFL's championship game against the Cincinnati Commandos. Cincinnati dominated the Tarpons 62-44. The team returned in 2013, but was forced to cancel two home games due to instability within the league. The team finished a 5-1 regular season. Wallace and Singleton again were the big stars of the team, though statistics for the 2013 season were not complete. The team defeated Corpus Christi 75-66 in their final regular season game. This allowed Florida to host United Bowl III, which they would win over Corpus Christi, 40-32.