Augusta Spartans

Years of Existence: 2007
Venue: Augusta Civic Center (Augusta, GA)
2007 - WIFL Champions
Lifetime Record: 10-6
Home: 7-1
Away: 3-5
Playoffs: 2-0
Average Attendance: 3,593

The Augusta Spartans were champions in their first year with the WIFL. The Spartans managed a rare feat in that the team was outscored 666-654 and managed to go 8-6. The Spartans hosted Osceola for a spot to play in Columbus for the World Indoor Bowl title. A 25-19 victory allowed the Spartans to advance. The Spartans then defeated the Lions in the final seconds of World Indoor Bowl I, 63-60. The Spartans were outscored by three points overall in a 10-6 season.