Florida Tarpons

Years of Existence: 2015-
Venue: Germaine Arena (Estero, FL)
2015 - XLIF Champions
Lifetime Record: 5-2
Home: 3-0
Away: 2-2
Playoffs: 0-0
Average Attendance:

The Florida Tarpons joined the XIFL in 2015 after the demise of the Ultimate IFL. The Tarpons secured a spot in the XIFL title game following trouble with several teams at the end of the regular season. The team defeated other good teams in the league, such as a 71-63 victory at Cape Fear and a 51-37 win over rival Florida Marine Raiders. The Tarpons ended up hosting the X-Bowl and defeated the Marine Raiders 65-23 in a confusing and haphazard postseason.